About us

Why Choose us

Businesses and their success simply come down to one thing and one thing only – their people! But getting the right people can be tricky.

LA Squared Consultancy not only help you find the right people, but also take the time to understand your business to know exactly what you want and need, to ensure we find the right people to suit your needs. This is headhunting revolutionised.

Understanding that you want to grow and need to recruit is one thing, but knowing your business and filling the right gaps can sometimes be a challenge. At LA Squared, we can also help by working with your business to advise on how to maximise its fullest potential, ensuring all resources are being fully utilised so that you can spend time opening up the right roles and supporting the right people within your business, creating longer lasting relationships.

Our Values


So that you understand what we do, we ensure we keep things jargon free and go out and deliver what you need in the same way!


It's important you have faith in who you share your personal career plans or business secrets with, so we are here to provide absolute assurance that everything stays completely confidential.


Coming from a background in financial services, we will only ever put the best person or role in front of you!